New York based Makeup Artist Christine Geiger developed a passion for makeup artistry at a very early age. She draws form influences both cultural and natural, industrial and organic. She is adept at communicating with collaborating artists. Her ability to translate their specific desired looks stems from her dedication and innate ability to listen, visualize and evolve these ideas onto the human canvas. With a keen eye for details, she strives to obtain a level of perfection while maintaining the fluidity of creative inspiration.

You can also find Christine's work online at: Model Mayhem | Flickr | Instagram


Dark Beauty Magazine (October 2010)
Village Voice Ad for Peachfrog (Fall 2010)
Village Voice Ad for Peachfrog (Summer 2010)
"Top Recruiter Reality Show" Official Shoot (January 2010)
Hippo Magazine (January 2010)
Hippo Magazine (October 2009)
Hippo Magazine (July 2009)
Skirt Magazine (January 2009)
Hippo Magazine (May 2008)

Film and Video:

Google Demo Slam Video (December 2010)
Carlos Serrano - "Something About the Fire" (Adele vs. Daft Punk) (October 2012)


Glam/Cabaret Makeup Workshop (July 2007)
Dramatic Effects Workshop (August 2006)
Bellydance Eye Makeup Workshop (June 2006)


Hector Adalid
Scott Bilby
Mario Gallucci
Black Horse Studio
Andy Silvers

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